I can personally, and professionally, recommend the tutors on this page. I have recommended all of them numerous times and had  feedback from their students. Most will have a waiting list as they are increasingly busy, but please do still get in touch with them if you think they could be a good fit for your requirements.

English with Dr Sophie Breese

Sophie is a superstar of the online tutoring world! She combines years of experience with a warmth and creative flair which has made her one of the most sought after tutors in her field.

Chemistry with Dr Ezi Williams

Ezi is a brilliant tutor with true enthusiasm for Chemistry. She will hold up her subject to the light and show you how it shines - and help you to explain why.

Physics with Sam Jordan

Sam is an extraordinary tutor with experience in teaching, tutoring, writing and examining, all presented in a calm and kindly approach which helps his students make the most of their potential.

Maths with Andy Smith

Andy's mathematically inspiring lessons are a wealth of real-world experience and pii-finite knowledge. Her sense of humour runs through her lessons, as does her dog, on occasion.

Biology with Matthew Barnes

Matthew is on a pedestal when it comes to biology tuition, though it is a short one as he is always hopping off it to help other people reach higher. A truly remarkable tutor who knows his subject inside out, back round again and coming in from the opposite side.